Welcome Back

The Carson Re-Invest Career Program

After a few years (or more) away, you’re ready to get back to your career as a financial advisor. While your life has changed considerably since you left, the passion, drive and calling are still in you to help people achieve their dreams and goals.

The Carson Re-Invest Career Program is an exciting, limited time opportunity for advisors who have taken a 2+ year career break to focus on their family, another career, or something else. We’ve partnered with the CFP® Board and iRelaunch to offer the Financial Planner Reentry Initiative (FPRI) to connect with people looking to get back in the advisor workforce.

Think about it

The profession needs your experienced voice and practiced eye.

Change is coming, and those who have lived through change (of profession, lifestyle, situation) are some of the best equipped to face it. We can only accept so many people into the program, so don’t think about it for too long! If you’ve taken a career break of anywhere from two years to two decades or more, and are ready to re-enter the workforce, we’d love to connect!

We need you.

The advisory profession will experience a shortfall of advisors in the next 7 to 10 years, when more than 100,000 advisors are scheduled to retire, leaving thousands of open positions

Our clients need you.

The Great Wealth Transfer from aging Baby Boomers is coming our way soon. Between $30 and $70 trillion will change hands and come with countless advisory needs for estate planning, tax-smart strategies, trusts and more

“Too old” is a state of mind.

Less than 5% of advisors are under the age of 30 – this is not a profession being overrun by the kids just out of college

Who We Are

In an increasingly complex world where people are starving for someone they can trust, we stand for something simple: always put the client first.

We do well by doing good for those we serve. It’s the ultimate measure. We believe in providing value beyond a doubt and in the notion that time will either expose you or promote you, based on your willingness to embrace change.

We serve financial advisors and investors through three entities, each headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska: Carson Wealth, Carson Coaching and Carson Partners. We provide coaching and partnership services to advisor firms, and straightforward financial advice to the investing public. We all share a common mission to be the most trusted in financial advice.

Who We Want

The Carson Re-Invest Career Program is targeted to engage with financial services professionals who have taken a career break from the profession and are looking to re-engage and re-invest in their career.

The program allows you to work within several areas of our Carson Wealth Team: Financial Planning, Tax Services, Trust Services and Client Services.

What To Expect

You will have the opportunity to rotate through several areas of our Carson Wealth team to learn the key components of each area.

Financial Planning

  • Assist with the preparation, presentation, and implementation of financial plans for clients of the firm.
  • Manage financial planning software, gather and enter financial information from clients into the software, design planning techniques, prepare financial plan presentations and reports, and perform necessary research on unusual and sophisticated scenarios.

Tax Services

  • Assist with tax projections and research as they relate to client situations.
  • Research cost basis tax information, tax savings opportunities and tax law changes.

“Too old” is a state of mind.

  • Less than 5% of advisors are under the age of 30 – this is not a profession being overrun by the kids just out of college

Client Services

  • Assist operations team members in preparing paperwork and ensuring every aspect of client accounts is set up accurately and properly maintained.
  • Provide ongoing service and support to clients, with a client-first mentality.

What You Need

  • Currently on a career break of two years or more with a desire to return to work and re-enter a financial services career
  • Commitment to a full 40-hour work week
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, growth-oriented environment
  • Possess advanced analytical skills with the ability to prioritize complex tasks
  • Display the confidence, skills and professionalism needed to resolve critical issues in a manner that strengthens the client relationship and mitigates risk for the firm
  • Must have a sense of urgency, ability to multitask, excellent organizational skills and strong prioritization skills
  • Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills with strong attention to detail
  • Three-plus years of prior financial services experience preferred
  • College degree preferred