Do You Truly Own Your Business?

Joel Worsfold knows what it’s like to work at a big bank. He was grinding it out for years, building his book of business en route to becoming one of the highest producers in the company. But as he grew, so did his pain points.

Joel Worsfold, CFP® ChFC® CLU® RICP® REBC®
Managing Director, Partner & Wealth Advisor
Carson Wealth

He had very little to no back-office support

His content management system was archaic

He faced reputational risk with the bank’s brand

He didn’t have much say in his succession plan

He didn’t truly know his clients were his and not the bank’s

He had to move painstakingly slow and inefficiently due to the red tape

Long story short:

Joel wanted true ownership of his business. And that’s where Carson entered the picture.

Learn how Joel went from being chained to endless bureaucracy with very little support to truly owning his book of business and unleashing his full potential in our latest case study.

Partnership Solutions

Unleash your firm’s potential and better help your clients.


Turn your clients into your biggest fans.


Deliver a comprehensive investment experience.


Grow your brands like never before.


Say goodbye to painstking processes.

M&A Succession Planning

Gain confidence in your legacy.

Explore Partnership

Plenty of advisors are breaking away to become independent, build a reputation of trust, and truly own their firm and their book of business. You can, too.

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