Carson Group Buying Stakes in Partners


RIA firms are always looking for cash to fund their growth, and aggregators are stepping up to provide it. The latest is Carson Group, which is offering to buy a 25% equity stake in its partners firms’ businesses.

The new equity partner option is an alternative to Carson Group’s traditional, fully independent partnership model. Three firms, with $1.3 million collectively, have taken the deal since its limited rollout earlier this year.

Under the arrangement, participating firms are renamed Carson Wealth. Thus, with the three firms’ equity deals, Carson Wealth will now have 11 locations around the country.

Around this time last year, we noted that Dynasty Financial Partners had started offering to buy a percentage of firms’ revenue streams. “We’re not getting in the business of buying RIAs,” CEO Shirl Penney explained at the time. “There’s no management oversight. We want to give firms a first bite of the apple of monetization.”


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