Carson Group Unveils Plans to Build New Corporate Headquarters

Carson Group, a financial services company serving advisors and investors, announced today the firm will build a new corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. The headquarters is proposed to be built in Heartwood Preserve on the Southwest corner of 144th & Dodge Streets. This first-phase, $50 million project is ideal for Carson Group as it continues its record-breaking growth.

“Our new headquarters symbolizes so much more than a physical structure to support our next chapter of growth,” said Ron Carson, Founder and CEO. “This project is a testament to the imprint we’ve made on Omaha for the past 35 years, a precursor of our vision to be a national leader in financial services, and a beacon for those who want to join a movement for being the most trusted for financial advice.”

The first phase will be six (6) stories in height and approximately 120,000 square feet. It will be home to Carson Group’s 300 employees. There is room to build a second building to accommodate expected future growth. Phase 2 is anticipated to be 80,000 square feet and over $30 million in total project costs. Construction is slated to begin in mid-2019 and be completed by the end of 2020.

“As someone who grew up on a farm near Tekamah, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to build a business that reinvests not only in the city of Omaha but the entire state of Nebraska,” said Ron Carson. “I’m in a different city across the country every week, sharing why it’s such a great place to grow. This place is the secret to our success in attracting bright, trustworthy people who have that hard-to-find midwestern work ethic. Put both of those qualities in a person and a culture, and it gives us a truly unique competitive advantage for business and talent when attracting those from larger, coastal markets. Omaha has become that fast-growing, innovative hub for financial services because we can move faster and do more for our clients, for less.”

The vision for this project has been guided by the culture of Carson Group. This is reflected not only in the architectural design of the building but the selection of the Development Team. Carson Group selected the following as their Development Team: Goldenrod Capital Partners, Tetrad Property Group, Leo A Daly, Olsson.

“We are incredibly honored to partner with one of the most important corporate leaders in Omaha on the development of their new headquarters,” said Zach Wiegert, Principal of Goldenrod Capital Partners and Tetrad Property Group. “Carson Group is one of the most innovative organizations in the United States. We are confident their new headquarters will provide an ideal platform to attract, retain and inspire its world-class employees and stakeholders. Therefore, finding the best possible location is critical to their long-term success. The proposed location, Heartwood Preserve, is ideal and allows our team to help set the pace and standard for the development of that property. We look forward to finalizing the location and continuing to partner with Carson for many years to come.”

Carson Group serves financial advisors and investors through its businesses including Carson Wealth, Carson Coaching, and Carson Partners. The conglomerate of companies offers coaching and partnership services to advisor firms– and straightforward financial advice to the investing public. All three organizations are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, and share a common mission to be the most trusted for financial advice. For more information, visit

About Goldenrod Capital Partners

Goldenrod Capital Partners (GCP) is a commercial real estate investment fund which focuses on the development and acquisition of properties. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, their portfolio includes real estate in the medical, office, multi-family and industrial markets.

About Tetrad Property Group

Tetrad Property Group (TPG) is a full- service commercial real estate development company focused on implementing innovative and fiscally responsible projects for private investment and public institutions. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, TPG places special emphasis on developing partnerships to create value, promote change and enhance efficiency. For more information, visit