Elaine King: Empowering Financial Futures

Elaine King, MBA, CFP®

In this episode, Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, and Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, sit down with Elaine King, Founder and CEO of Family and Money Matters Institute™.

Elaine King’s journey unfolds as she shares the story of founding her own firm and the deep significance behind the awards she’s received. She provides valuable advice, from makeup and clothing style tips for TV to fostering financial literacy. Elaine’s commitment to educating the community, particularly younger generations, is a true inspiration. She addresses the misconceptions in the financial industry about the Latino community both for clients and employees. Elaine shares what her path to freedom looks like. and emphasizes the power of making positive financial decisions, ultimately reclaiming one’s time and pursuing their passions.

Elaine talks about:

  • How she came to found her own firm
  • Which award and recognition is the most meaningful to her
  • Her advice about improving your media appearance and becoming more polished and professional
  • Makeup and clothing style tips for going on TV
  • Why she is a big advocate for financial literacy and educates her community, starting with the younger generations
  • Some of the misconceptions the financial industry has about the Latino community and how it can better reach the Latino community both as clients and as employees
  • Finding freedom in owning one’s time, doing what one loves, and making positive financial decisions
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

Elaine King, CFP® is the founder of Family and Money Matters™, with the mission of empowering the family’s financial and human capital to achieve financial well-being. She has served as the Family’s Financial Planner for over 1,200 families and 100 multigenerational family enterprises crafting actionable family financial plans. Elaine is a Financial Education advocate, creator of the first family financial program in LATAM, and winner of the Best Latin book award. She was recognized as the 2023 Investopedia’s 10th Most Influential Financial Advisor and in 2017 recognized by People Magazine’s Top 25 lnfluential Hispanic Women. Elaine has been featured in the WSJ, Forbes, Telemundo, CNN and is a columnist for financial journals in the US and LATAM.


This episode of Framework was pre-recorded. At the time of recording Jamie Hopkins was affiliated with CWM, LLC. Jamie Hopkins is not currently registered with or affiliated with CWM, LLC.


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