Greg Opitz: EQ in Financial Planning

Greg Optiz

How do some financial advisors seem to effortlessly connect and succeed with their clients?

This week we’re discussing the framework of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how it can significantly impact your success as a financial advisor and enrich your personal life.

In this episode, Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, speaks with Greg Opitz, Executive Business Consultant at Carson Coaching, about emotional intelligence (EQ)  in the financial services industry. They unpack its pivotal role in shaping successful advisors and individuals. By sharing intriguing anecdotes and practical advice, Greg sheds light on the fundamental components of EQ, such as empathy, self-awareness, and the nuanced art of communication. Greg also unpacks how life experiences forge our EQ, enhancing our ability to connect, empathize, and ultimately succeed in the dynamic landscape of financial advising.

Greg discusses: 

  • A deeper understanding of EQ and its critical role in developing meaningful client relationships
  • The impact of EQ on client relationships, emphasizing the importance of active listening and genuine engagement
  • How being a better person ties into being a better advisor
  • How personal and professional challenges cultivate EQ, leading to better understanding and empathy
  • Practical tips for enhancing your own EQ to become a more effective and empathetic advisor
  • How the next-gen of advisors can develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • How he gages emotional intelligence in interviews from a talent development perspective
  • And more



Connect with Ana Trujillo Limón: 

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About Our Guest: 

Greg Opitz is the Executive Business Consultant at Carson coaching. Greg has been working with financial planners for his entire professional career. Before joining Carson Coaching in May 2006, Greg served seven years as Director, Certification Services at the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. For the four years prior to his experience at the CFP Board, Greg was the Director, Student Service Center at the College for Financial Planning. He likes to joke with members, “I spent four years educating advisors, then seven years certifying them, and now consulting with them to enhance their practice and their lives.”

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