Insights into Investments from Partner Summit

Keeping up with the markets and investment strategies can be a challenge for any advisor, but it’s easier when you can leverage the help and resources of a partner like Carson.

At this year’s Partner Summit, breakout sessions focused on the current state of the economy and the markets, what the future of financial advice looks like, and the ways financial advisors have leveraged Carson’s wealth platform to better meet the needs of their clients.

Check out these replays of breakout sessions at Partner Summit to see how you can reinvest in your investment strategy.

Facts vs Feelings Live with Special Guest Jeremy Siegel

In this live episode of Facts vs Feelings, hosts Ryan Detrick, Chief Market Strategist, and Sonu Varghese, VP, Global Macro Strategist, are joined by economist Jeremy Siegel, author of “Stocks for the Long Run.” They’ll dive into factors impacting the markets and the economy today compared to their impact on the past, how the past and present come together for long-term success and more.

Future of Finance: Taking the Scenic Route

It can be overwhelming for advisors to keep up with all the parts of the rapidly changing financial landscape, and it can be easy to lose sight of what matters, what can wait and what you’re missing. But it’s important to keep in mind that advisors’ value to their clients hasn’t changed – it’s still about connecting with people and nurturing those relationships. This session is designed to help you slow down, understand what matters most and find which pieces are most important to you and the advice you deliver.

Leverage Your Wealth Platform

By taking full advantage of the flexibility Carson’s wealth platform offers, we’ve helped advisors expand their offerings to better serve clients through financial, insurance, investment and tax planning. Jessica Golson and Erin Wood will sit down with some of our Partners to dive into the ways Carson’s wealth platform has helped them better serve their clients’ needs.

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