Jalen Blackmon, Jabin Moore & Isaiah Johnson: Diversifying Workplace Culture With Gen Z

Jalen, Jabin and Isaiah

Are you ready to dive into what it takes to attract and retain the next generation of professionals in the finance industry?

In this episode, Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, speaks with Carson’s next-gen professionals, Jalen Blackmon, Associate, Partnership Developmentat Carson Group, Jabin Moore, Associate Private Client Manager at Carson Wealth, and Isaiah Johnson, Associate, Partnership Development  at Carson Group. They discuss the importance of attracting and retaining the next generation of professionals in the finance industry. The conversation delves into key aspects such as defining career paths and growth plans, the significance of having a sense of purpose at work, and the value of workplace diversity. Jalen, Jabin, and Isaiah provide valuable insights on how firms can create a culture that resonates with the Gen Z workforce and the skills necessary for young professionals to thrive in the financial services industry.

Key discussion topics: 

  • The importance of defining career paths and growth plans
  • Setting goals and milestones to gauge progress
  • Cultivating a sense of purpose in the workplace
  • Building diverse and inclusive workplace environments
  • Transparency, communication, and a sense of belonging in workplace culture
  • Nurturing curiosity, adaptability, and valuable connections in the workplace
  • Involving Gen Z in decision-making processes and leveraging diverse perspectives
  • And more



  • Link to the blog that won’t be available until April 1st written by Jessica Colston about serving the next-gen stakeholders

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