Kamila Elliott, CFP® : Supporting Underrepresented Talent

Kamila Elliott, CFP®

Are organizations truly promoting inclusivity or making mistakes that harm underrepresented talent’s mental health? Let’s dive into the importance of sponsorship, safe spaces, and valuing diverse perspectives in creating a workplace where everyone feels valued.

Today on Framework, Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, and JaQ Campbell, Founder and CEO of Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management, speak with Kamila Elliott, CFP®, Founder and CEO of Collective Wealth Partners to explore the power of sponsorship, the significance of building relationships to promote diversity, the need for safe spaces, and intentional actions to cultivate inclusivity and value diverse perspectives at work. They discuss the experiences of underrepresented groups in the financial industry, discussing the importance of inclusion, advocacy, and creating safe spaces for diverse talent. Kamila shares her personal journey, the challenges of being a woman of color in finance, and the significance of building relationships to overcome biases. The conversation also touches on the impact of remote work on feelings of safety and belonging in the workplace.

Kamila discusses:

  • Her journey into the financial profession and becoming chair of the CFP® board
  • Challenges faced by underrepresented talent in the financial industry
  • How sponsorship and mentorship play a crucial role in advocating for diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Why building relationships and connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds are vital for promoting understanding and inclusivity
  • Creating safe spaces and valuing diverse perspectives to provide a sense of belonging for all employees with authentic leadership
  • How to promote inclusivity, value diverse perspectives, and establish a workplace culture that supports and empowers all individuals
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

Kamila Elliott, CFP® is the founder and CEO of Collective Wealth Partners. Kamila is a wealth manager with over 20 years of experience assisting high-net-worth individuals, endowments & foundations, and business owners with their financial planning, tax, and investment needs.

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