Minna Shada: Consumer Marketing for Advisors

Minna Shada

Are you looking to learn about effective consumer marketing in the financial industry?

Today, we look behind the scenes with Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, and Minna Shada, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing. Minna talks about her marketing journey since 2013, her pivotal role in partner office marketing, and the innovative evolution of Carson’s marketing strategies. From her earliest money memory to her unexpected career path, Minna divulges the key to building a successful marketing foundation, embracing digital trends, and staying authentic. She also shares invaluable tips, busts common myths, and stresses the importance of a solid marketing plan.

Minna discusses:

  • Her first money memory of childhood savings for college
  • Her journey into marketing and why she stuck with it for her whole career
  • Her background and role as Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at Carson
  • How Carson’s marketing offerings and support for partners have evolved
  • Recommended available resources for advisors to learn about marketing strategies
  • Choosing the right marketing strategies for advisors’ different needs
  • Being wary of the shoulds of marketing
  • Some of the top marketing strategies she’s seen advisors use to scale their business
  • Why advisors need to be authentic with their marketing
  • The most important lessons she learned in her career
  • Advice for advisors on being intentional and patient with marketing strategies
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

As Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Minna is passionate about sharing information with investors to help them make important decisions about finding the right advisor and pursuing their financial dreams. In a profession cluttered with financial jargon and acronyms, Minna enjoys developing marketing campaigns for investors of every stage – from those just getting started to the investment savvy. She focuses on enhancing the client experience by helping investors find the information they seek.

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