Samantha Lamas: ​​Understanding and Improving Advisor-Client Relationships

Samantha Lamas

When told to rework their financial plan by following the PERMA-V framework, 70% of people changed one of their top three goals.

This week on Framework, Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, speaks with Samantha Lamas, Senior Behavioral Researcher at Morningstar, about the importance of aligning financial advice with clients’ life values. They explore a three-step process for identifying true financial goals, emphasizing the need to connect these goals to deeper motivations using the “PERMA-V framework” from positive psychology. Samantha highlights the benefits of this approach, such as providing a consistent guide for decision-making and the flexibility to adapt to life changes. She also stresses the human aspect of financial decisions and the usefulness of tools and checklists in simplifying these decisions.

Samantha’s key message is that financial planning should be holistic and align with personal values to make money decisions more meaningful and manageable.

Samantha discusses:

  • Her first money memory involves a love for books
  • How she became a behavioral researcher
  • Why investors are disengaging from their financial advisors
  • How advisors can recognize and address the issues causing clients to disengage
  • The top 5 reasons why people fire their advisor
  • Communication and relationship-building resources for advisors
  • How to help clients who don’t know their true financial goals
  • Utilizing the PERMA-V framework in financial planning
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

Samantha Lamas is a senior behavioral researcher at Morningstar who is focused on driving financial engagement among everyday people.

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