Peter Lazaroff: Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Peter Lazaroff, CFA, CFP®

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing financial advisory. How will AI impact investors’ portfolios?  

This week on Framework, Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, and Odaro Aisueni, Wealth Planner, speak with Peter Lazaroff, Chief Investment Officer at Plancorp, LLC, about the impact of AI on financial planning, and the importance of diversification in investment portfolios.   

Peter highlights the potential of AI in automating tasks and providing information but emphasizes its limitations in understanding underlying issues. He also shares his views on the evolution of the financial planning industry and the increasing demand for professionals who can interact effectively with AI platforms. The conversation also covers the potential wealth inequalities that may arise in the future and the importance of personal branding for financial advisors. 

 Peter discusses:  

  • His first money memory and his parents’ approach to teaching him about money 
  • His first big purchase and his son’s interest in his old baseball card collection 
  • How AI can impact investors’ portfolios and the role of advisors 
  • The evolution of the financial planning industry and the importance of soft skills for advisors 
  • Why soft skills are important for financial advisors in the evolution of the industry 
  • Potential benefits of AI in automating tasks and the need for high-quality information 
  • The importance of diversification in investment portfolios 
  • Strategies for handling concentrated stock holdings for tech employees 
  • And more 




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About our Guest:  

Peter Lazaroff, CFA, CFP®, joined Plancorp in 2015 as Director of Investment Research. He became a shareholder of the firm in 2017 and Chief Investment Officer in 2020. As chair of the Investment Committee, Peter is responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, and communication of investment strategy. Throughout his career, Peter has built a reputation as an educator, and our clients appreciate his ability to simplify complex issues. While he spends most of his time developing and communicating our investment strategy, Peter also hosts a top-ranked podcast called The Long-Term Investor and is the author of Making Money Simple. 


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