Carson Group’s Chief Strategy Officer Burt White and Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick joined Janet Levaux of ThinkAdvisor at Carson’s Excell conference from Las Vegas recently to discuss the state of markets and the industry.

It was a fun conversation with some of the highlights including:

  • Why volatility is the toll you pay for enjoying longer-term returns
  • 60/40 isn’t how you should look at it anymore
  • Why you want to buy cheap sunglasses when it is raining
  • What Advisors can use to talk with worried clients
  • Why this is really a confidence recession
  • Why we aren’t in a recession and what that means to your investments
  • There are big differences between the economy and market
  • Midterm years are volatile, but better times could be ahead

You can watch the full interview in the video player above, or directly on the ThinkAdvisor Website. Thanks again to ThinkAdvisor for this awesome opportunity!

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