Burt White: The New Currency is Human

Carson Group is redefining how the financial advice industry thinks and talks about wealth. Helping to shape this evolution is new joiner Burt White, a longtime advocate for independent advisors with years of experience in the financial services space. 

“As an organization, as a profession, we have an opportunity to try to get behind the Xs and Os of wealth to understand what makes people tick,” said Ron Carson, founder and CEO at Carson Group. “At the end of the day, it’s all about humans living on this planet together. I want Carson to be at the forefront of helping people see we have more commonalities than differences.” 

For Burt, joining Carson is an opportunity to realize the impact he wants to have on the world: to help people achieve the freedom to define the lives they want for themselves. 

“There is such a race for wealth and for growth. During the Great Recession, financial services completely forgot who we serve and why we do what we do,” Burt said. “There are millions of households across this country that rely on this work.” 

This episode was recorded at Carson’s Partner Summit in Omaha, shortly after Ron introduced Burt to the firm’s 350 partners. Co-hosts Jamie and Ana talked to Burt and Ron about their first money memories, what it’s like to be an introvert on a big stage, how they re-energize and what freedom means to them. 

Key Takeaways

  • It’s not about growth and then the mission – it’s about the mission. If you have a mission that is meaningful to you, then the growth will come. 
  • Everything is priced in time and humanity. The new currency is human. 
  • The advisor community helps people invest for the moments that matter. 


“The fuel of life is joy. Advisors sit in a room with some of the most joyous life events that happen: retirement, kids, grandkids, vacations. Absorb that. It is not a transaction. It is an emotion that fuels your bucket.” – Burt White 


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