Edgar Villanueva: Decolonizing Wealth and Wealth Management

In this episode, Jamie and Ana talk with Edgar Villanueva, founder of the Decolonizing Wealth Project and the bestselling author of the book “Decolonizing Wealth.” Edgar is a well-known expert on social justice philanthropy, and he’s done a lot of work to elevate and accelerate the understanding of healing and reconciliation in the wealth management sector.

Edgar talks with Jamie and Ana about how steps of healing are relevant to the financial sector, how decolonization can help in building wealth and how investments should stay socially conscious no matter what.

Key Takeaways

  • Learning the fundamental skill of saving early on.
  • Edgar’s career journey toward writing about equity and decolonization.
  • How steps of healing are relevant to the financial sector.
  • On why the U.S. became the richest country in the world.
  • Decolonization in building wealth.
  • Ensuring investments are committed to being socially conscious.
  • Aligning investments with company values.
  • The right approach to diversity in a company.
  • Recruiting professional financial advisors from HBCUs.
  • Diversity in the CFP profession.
  • How to grow, heal and move forward in a difficult career environment.


“If we’re really about that life, as some people would say, of justice, and you have the capital and you want to invest, then you have to work to really get into a relationship with the folks you want to help.”Edgar Villanueva

“We have an obligation toward each other, as people of color, to support each other in this space and to find ways to support those coming after us and to make space for the brilliance of other people.”Edgar Villanueva


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