Strategies from Partner Summit to Better Serve Your Clients and Reach Prospects

Keeping a financial advisory firm running smoothly takes an entire team, and everyone has a role to play in creating a smooth client experience.

At this year’s Partner Summit, breakout sessions focused on the role Carson plays in helping advisors better serve clients with complex portfolios, how to develop client marketing and CX strategies that stand out, and ways to boost client referrals and expand wallet share.

Check out these replays of breakout sessions at Partner Summit to see how you optimize your financial advisory firm.

From Planning to Implementation, Making Advanced Solutions Part of Your Practice

In this session, members of Carson’s Advanced Solutions team will break down the ways they help advisors win back time and serve a wider range of more complex clients, including initial discovery with the advisor and the client; planning opportunities the advisor can implement; client engagement to present the team’s solutions; and implementation of the team’s recommendations.

Engaging and Delighting: Innovative Marketing and CX Strategies

In today’s crowded advisor space, client marketing needs to stand out more than ever. This session will cover how to make your marketing leads feel like the main character and, once you convert those leads to clients, how to continue to make them feel empowered to tell their story. Plus, we’ll demo the Modern CX that can further drive your clients’ empowerment and main character energy.

Strategies for Boosting Referrals and Expanding Wallet Share

This session covers proven referral strategies, including how to generate referrals and how to execute on them. You’ll also learn passion prospecting basics and strategies to expand wallet share with your existing clients, as well as hear success stories from Carson Partners.

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