“No one will out care us.” Ron Carson at Partner Summit

Last week was a great week for the Carson Group and our Investment Research team as we held our Spring Partner Summit in Omaha. This semi-annual event is a great chance for us to get together with our Advisors (we call them Partners) and show them how bright the future is at Carson, along with just seeing each other face-to-face! From breakouts and main stage presentations to amazing steak dinners, happy hours, and fun random discussions on the street, it was a special two days and one that made us all leave feeling great about the future.

Given that I’m a research guy, I will focus on just that, but trust me, all the amazing things the entire Carson Group has happening both now and in the future is special, and I’m so excited to be a small part of it. If you are an Advisor and you aren’t happy where you are, please be sure to give us a look or just reach out to me; we’d love to chat.

What were some of the highlights, you ask? Sonu and I did our popular podcast Facts vs. Feelings live from the main stage in front of a huge crowd (more on this below). We had a fun discussion and even a live Q&A session.

Gotta love Partner Larry Sprung with the selfie right as we started! We recorded a future Facts vs. Feelings with Larry and you will get a lot out of his story about finding joy and helping his clients.

Seconds before we hit the stage. I made Sonu get some hot chocolate with me to get our game faces on!

We know those guys!

Live and doing our thing!

Sonu and I had such a fun time talking with Ron Carson, Carson’s Founder and CEO, in an upcoming episode of Facts vs. Feelings! This was a major highlight for us, as Ron isn’t your average CEO, that is all I will say. You will LOVE this one, as Ron discusses what Find Your Freedom really means to him and so much more.

The Carson Investment Research team was well represented, as VP, Investment Operations & Performance Jessica Golson and Director, Portfolio Strategy Patrick Sittner gave an awesome update of all the ways we are making our Partner’s lives easier and all the really cool things we have coming out soon to help them. Great job, guys!

Our Keynote speaker was former Michigan basketball player Austin Hatch and it was an incredible story of GRIT and heartbreak, but left everyone feeling better and looking at life in a new lens. I won’t give his story away here, but it will change you is all I will say. Thank you, Austin!

Watching Ron Carson on the main stage was incredible. His love of our Partners, our employees, and the future of our industry is second to none.

Lastly, Burt White our Chief Strategy Officer is always the highlight of any event. There simply is no other speaker in the entire financial industry who is so dynamic, so funny, so thought provoking, and so empathic to what Advisors have to do to help their clients. He focused on how to thrive in this ever-changing world. Plus, he has officially hired me twice, so that shows how smart he is. 😉

I can’t stress this enough, what makes Carson Group so special is the sense of community. It is hard to describe until you see and feel it. Our Partners love each other, and it really is one team working together, all trying together to succeed not only financially but personally and to help their clients in any way possible.

In conclusion, here’s Sonu and I LIVE from the main stage recording our Facts vs. Feelings podcast in front of a packed house. Enjoy!

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