Training Elite Athletes and the Value of Experience with Kent Katich

kent katich

This week on Framework, Jamie Hopkins and guest host Brodrick Lothringer sit down with coach and trainer Kent Katich. Kent has coached some of the best athletes in the world using yoga to improve performance, build total-body strength, and help injury prevention.

In today’s episode, we talk with Kent about how he developed his business, and lessons from training athletes that you can incorporate into your own life and work.

“The first thing they say about yoga is that yoga is not something you can talk about. It’s something you have to experience. You can experience it even 10 times and it might be that 11th time….you had to experience that. I think we all do that. With a job, you may have to go to your horrible job to realize that that job will take you to another job. That experience is so good for you. ” — Kent Katich

Main Takeaways

  • Learning to improvise and work with the situation at hand makes you a better teacher and gives you confidence in your skillset. 
  • You can pitch something all you want but people will only take you up on it when they are ready for it. 
  • Feeling uncomfortable is a good indicator of an area that needs development or growth. There are no quick fixes; you need dedication to see results. 
  • For something to stick and become valuable, you have to experience it. It may not “click” until the 10th time, but that experience is invaluable. 

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