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It’s Better to Give AND to Receive

Written by Scott Wood

Fill in the blank: It’s better to give ______ to receive.

If you’re like most adults, the missing word comes to you quickly. It’s the kind of no-brainer a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire dreams about.

Than. Final answer.

You’re correct. Unless, of course, you happen to be a CEO. In this case, I’d argue the answer you’re looking for is “and.” Continue reading


How Will You Approach Advisor Technology?

During our Excell conference in May, keynote and futurist Howard Tullman made this astute observation:

“Today, the rate of change is the slowest it’s going to be for the rest of our lives,” he said.

Let that sink in. In every industry, including ours, a snowball effect is occurring. The technology coming out next month and next year is already accelerating the next, next stage of change and the next, next new norm. The future won’t look incrementally different, Tullman hypothesized, it will look radically different.

What does that mean for the average advisor? It means the pace of change inside of their firm has to be faster than outside of their firm. Focusing on how technology can enhance the client experience is no longer an option; it’s a crucial component in your business strategy.

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Turning Fear into Action: 5 Tips to Create a Culture of Compliance

Published by Dan Tobin

Growing up, it was the 4-letter words that were bound to get you in trouble. Those forbidden words beginning with D or F or S were uttered in a moment of adolescent bravery and immediately met with a mouth full of soap. The punishment was harsh, but it taught a valuable lesson: actions have consequences.

Decades later, it’s a 10-letter word that seems to scare many in the advisory business.

Need a hint? It begins with a C.

If Dial soap seemed severe, the aftermath of not being in COMPLIANCE can leave advisors with huge fines, damaged reputations, drawn-out lawsuits and permanent loss of business. These potential outcomes aren’t just a symbolic “cleansing.” They are very real, very serious effects of the action or inaction an advisor takes. And, let me tell you, they leave a far worse after taste.

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Are You Serving or Selling? A Financial Advisor’s Dilemma

Published by Aaron Schaben

Recently, I took my children on a trip to our local library. Among the stack of books they eagerly checked out was an old favorite of mine ­— a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel, where you, the reader, get to take on the role of the main character. Each short chapter is concluded with a choice: Do you take Path A to page 8 or Path B to page 12? Will you explore the cave or climb the mountain?

As I was reading with my kids (Dad win!), I realized something profound. While the possible outcomes of these books are numerous, the first decision you make sets the tone for your entire journey. That one, specific choice begins a butterfly effect that causes and colors all subsequent choices.

As a financial advisor, you also have one, specific choice to make that will affect every other part of your practice: Are you serving or selling? Continue reading


Dreamweaver Auction Is Live!

Dreamweaver Foundation is five years of making dreams come true for terminally ill seniors in the Greater Omaha Area by hosting their first fundraising event, presented by Pinnacle Bank. In the past, Dreamweaver has hosted an online auction that has raised over $1 million in its history and has contributed to the funding of over 100 bucket list dreams for seniors. Continue reading


Nelly Volunteers: More Proof She’s a Very Good Girl

Written by Nelly Carson, with lots of help from Jeanie Carson

Throughout history, my kind has done our very best to prove we’re worthy of being called a Good Boy or a Good Girl. Sure, we don’t have much competition among other house pets – cats have major attitude, turtles lack potty training skills and fish never remember your birthday (or anything for that matter) – but, regardless, dogs like me set out to earn that one, be-all-end-all title.

And, let me tell you, we have some pretty pawsome role models to serve as a benchmark. Continue reading


Dive Into Social Media This Summer

With the half-way point of 2018 past us, there is no time like the present to re-evaluate your yearly progress. There are probably a few areas where you have excelled and a few areas that have flashing red lights indicating they need more attention. Often, marketing tops the list of those stalled goals. Continue reading


The 4 Lenses of Carson Culture

In her recent webinar, Catching Culture, Vice President of Talent Kelsey Ruwe discussed 8 statistics you should know regarding company culture. During this presentation, she briefly touched on the four lenses through which Carson Group views culture. Read more about each lens below, then watch a replay of the webinar for helpful tips on how to nurture a stronger culture in your firm. Continue reading


Nelly Naps: A Canine Guide to Quality Shut-Eye

Published by Nelly Carson

If you’ve been following my journey as a dog blogger (you’re missing out if you haven’t been), you may have noticed I have a bit of an obsession with naps. Think of my sleep schedule as a hobbit’s eating schedule. Continue reading