Social Security and Navigating Evolving Financial Environments with Mary Beth Franklin

Posted on May 26, 2020
This week, Jamie Hopkins talks with Mary Beth Franklin.  Mary Beth is a thought leader in the world of retirement planning and a financial writer at Investment News. As a…
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An Introverted Financial Advisor’s Guide to Asking for Client Referrals

By: J.J. Peller
Referrals are essential to your business’s growth. I’ve worked with coaches who say some of their best clients have come from referrals. Yet when I ask about their strategy for…

Rethinking Fees and Challenging the Status Quo with Rick Ferri

By: Jamie Hopkins
This week, Jamie Hopkins talks with Rick Ferri, a CFA who is rethinking the way we charge clients and how we provide service as financial professionals. Rick went from the…

Fearless Investing and Continual Innovation with Aaron Klein

By: Jamie Hopkins
This week, Jamie Hopkins talks with Aaron Klein. Aaron is the founder and CEO of Riskalyze and a Snappy Kraken board member. Since founding Riskalyze nearly a decade ago,  Aaron…

Framework: Consistency, Process and Coaching Champions with Bob Bowman

By: Jamie Hopkins
This week, Jamie Hopkins talks with legendary coach Bob Bowman. Bob is the current head coach of the Arizona State University swim team and the head coach for the U.S.…

Framework: Writing, Retirement Planning and Innovating with Wade Pfau

By: Jamie Hopkins
Dr. Wade Pfau is the founder of Retirement Researcher, a retirement-focused firm that uses modern and sound academic research to help clients build a retirement plan.  Wade is also the…

Framework: Impact Investing, Advocacy and Doing Better with Sonya Dreizler

By: Jamie Hopkins
Sonya Dreizler is a speaker, financial advisor, advocate, consultant and a true leader in our profession. Though her father who was one of the pioneers of socially responsible investing, Sonya…
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