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Nelly Naps: A Canine Guide to Quality Shut-Eye

Published by Nelly Carson

If you’ve been following my journey as a dog blogger (you’re missing out if you haven’t been), you may have noticed I have a bit of an obsession with naps. Think of my sleep schedule as a hobbit’s eating schedule. Whereas they have breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper, I have a morning nap, midmorning nap, pre-lunch nap, after lunch nap, siesta, post-dinner nap and finally, the marathon all-nighter nap. I get exhausted just thinking about my jam-packed snoozing itinerary.

Before you start to judge me for obviously dozing on the job, remember dogs require 12-14 hours of sleep per day. And, unlike humans, we are relentless about prioritizing shut-eye. In fact, it ranks second only to treats in my book. Continue reading


Excell Key-Noteworthy: Arianna Huffington and The Sleep Revolution

Imagine this: You are at the prime of your career. You’ve built an ultra-successful company from the ground up, earned a name as a celebrated writer/author, and are managing a busy work and social calendar while raising two teenagers. You are on top of your game and on top of the world. Then, one day, seemingly out of nowhere, you collapse.

This hypothetical scenario was a terrifying reality for keynote Arianna Huffington. Whilst running the acclaimed online news and blog site Huffington Post, she received a sobering wakeup call. Dozens of appointments later, a doctor delivered an unexpected diagnosis: change the way you live your life or your body will continue to breakdown. Continue reading


What Is Your Top Lead Gen Tool?

Published by Minna Burns | LinkedIn

As a marketer who helps advisors grow their advisory business, I see advisors make the same mistake when it comes to their website. Rather than treating their website as a lead gen tool, advisors treat their website as a brochure of their firm – they have pages of content blabbing about how much they know, they tout their years of experience and give an overdrawn history of their firm. Continue reading


Prepare Your Firm with a Market Downturn Drill

Published by Sarah Cain

It’s a memory we all share. You’re there, sitting in the middle of a math lesson or a lecture on U.S. history, and suddenly the fire alarm rings. Instinctively, you get up from your seat, exit the building and enjoy a few minutes of downtime with your friends as teachers from each classroom count heads.

It only takes a few drills a year for schools to ensure their students are safe should the worst case scenario occur. This practice, standard from kindergarten all the way through high school graduation, helps children and young adults remain calm and think logically about their next steps. It’s a brilliant strategy designed out of real-world necessity.

Let me ask you, when is the last time you did a fire drill in your firm?

Continue reading


A Blog from a Dog: Nelly Carson Welcomes a Four-Legged Intern

Published by Nelly Carson

At Carson Wealth and Carson Group, we are GROWING. Not in the slow, leisurely way you meander down the sidewalk when taking your human for a walk, but in the fast, chasing after a mailman who has dared to step foot on your lawn kind of way. While it’s exciting to welcome so many new clients to our firm and new advisors to our coaching ranks, early in 2018 we determined that in order to serve these awesome individuals it was also vital to hire new stakeholders. Continue reading


Observations from 5 Years in TD’s Business Consulting Lounge

Published by Greg Opitz

If you’ve ever been to Nebraska in January or February, you’d understand the desire to escape the bitter cold of a Midwest winter. Lucky for me, five years ago I was extended the first of several invitations to be a part of the TD LINC Conference Business Consulting Lounge. Beyond becoming my annual reprieve from the ice and snow, traveling to TD LINC offers me the opportunity to get to know new advisors, explore their business goals and become familiar with the challenges facing those in the trenches. Continue reading


The Magic Behind a Project Management Approach

Published by Michael Rose

Years ago, when my now 16-year-old daughter was still young enough for bedtime stories, we tackled the Harry Potter series. Although I know hundreds of thousands of fans would whole-heartedly disagree, I confess I wasn’t as compelled by the writing as I was by the opportunity to spend quality time engaged in a quality activity. Considering my general apathy for JK Rowling’s style, it’s surprising that as I’ve been helping advisors plan out 2018, I’ve leaned on one particular magical power as introduced in the fourth book – the pensieve. Continue reading


Nelly Carson Brings You The Hard Truth About Resolutions

If you’ve read my bio (which I’m sure you have), you know that being the Chief Comfort Officer means my job is to boost the spirits of the Carson Group team with my joyful nature and all-around tail-wagging positivity. But, in my 35 years on this planet (5 human years), I’ve realized something very important about those of you who walk upright.  My revelation is this: Sometimes, the best way to support a friend is by hitting them with the cold, hard truth. Continue reading


Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Distributed Ledger Technology – A Guide for Financial Advisors

Today’s article is by Day Hagan Research: Craig A. Hill, CFP®

If you are a financial advisor, you have surely been asked about Bitcoin. Because of the parabolic rise in price in 2017, there is much hype and interest in the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency space. Advisors are asked their opinion, but are themselves, by and large, confused about the space as well. This short essay will attempt to give advisors a basic yet conversational understanding of the topic. Continue reading