Done well, passion prospecting is more than an industry buzzword. Generally, passion prospecting is taking something you’re passionate about, then planning an event or joining a community to network with clients, prospects, referrals and any other guests or members who may also be interested in working with you.

The key to passion prospecting is picking something that relates to your ideal clients and can lead to referrals. While this could be a single event – like a wine tasting or sponsoring a classic car show – it can also be a group or community that you join or create.

Start by looking at your ideal clients. What interests them? If you’re in Silicon Valley, it might be technology or programming. If you work in the South, you may have a large group of barbeque aficionados. Maybe you focus on next gen clients who have an interest in esports (video games).

You can pick an event that is directly related to your ideal clients’ interests, like a golf outing or an autograph session with a famous athlete if most of your clients are fans of a local sports team.

On the other hand, you could go more abstract. If many of your clients own rental homes, maybe you partner with a home renovation specialist or an interior designer for an event. If you work with a lot of small business owners, you could hire a photographer to shoot professional portraits of attendees that they can then use for their business or website.

Many of our partners at Carson have built entire businesses through passion prospecting and community involvement. While some of the most common passion prospecting techniques involve simply joining a country club or holding a single event, there are hundreds of possibilities that might work for your firm.

We sat down and looked at what is working for Carson partners and compiled a list of passion prospecting ideas. We hope you can draw inspiration from our list, but also know that we are here to support our partners’ events, too. Learn more about how we can help you connect with more potential clients and grow your business.


1. Wine tasting
2. Whiskey tasting
3. Brewery tour
4. Cooking class
5. Baking class
6. Private chef dinner
7. Grilling/BBQ outing
8. Lifestyle diet groups (paleo, vegan, etc.)
9. Cooking competition
10. Host coffee or barista event
11. Wine stomping at a vineyard


12. Suite at sporting event
13. Golf outing
14. Driving range with golf pro
15. Top Golf
16. Meet-and-greet with pro athlete or coach
17. Watch party
18. Autograph session
19. Sports clinic or camp
20. Stadium tours
21. Disc golf
22. Horseback riding/equestrian
23. Join country club
24. Adult sports team (softball, bowling, etc.)
25. Horse races
26. Tailgate
27. Tennis group


28. Board game club
29. Card game tournament
30. Poker night
31. Video game club
32. Trivia night
33. Virtual game night
34. Bingo night
35. Escape room


36. Hunting outing
37. Fishing outing
38. Trap shooting
39. Archery event
40. Boat or yacht party
41. Gardening expo
42. Sailing
43. River boat party
44. Scuba diving
45. Hiking group
46. Camping outing
47. Skiing/snowboarding lessons
48. National or state park tours
49. Bird watching
50. Dog owner group
51. Stargazing or planetarium event
52. Paddle boarding


53. Yoga
54. Running group
55. Walking group
56. Marathon training group
57. Swimming as exercise
58. Rock climbing (indoor or outdoor)
59. Cycling group
60. Spin class
61. Weightlifting group
62. Paid races (Spartan Race, Color Run)
63. Free training session


64. Host a car show
65. Sponsor a car show
66. Classic car group
67. Motorcycle group
68. Private airplane club
69. Private jet ride
70. Hot air balloon ride
71. Event at luxury car dealership
72. Train dinner
73. Trolley tours
74. Poker run
75. Suite at racing events
76. Private racetrack driving experience


77. Host an entertainer
78. Photographer for business or family photos
79. Live music event
80. Art class
81. Book club
82. Film appreciation group
83. Music lessons
84. Writing workshops
85. Comedy club night
86. Photography group
87. Dancing lessons
88. Movie night
89. Theater tickets
90. Arts and crafts group
91. Interior design consult
92. Home renovation group
93. Fashion designer/clothier
94. Host or sponsor fashion show
95. Woodworking group
96. Pottery event
97. Painting events


98. Host a travel agent
99. Vacation planning event
100. Group trip
101. Travel fans group
102. Cultural nights (Italian, German, Mexican, etc.)


103. Habitat for Humanity build
104. Fundraiser for local nonprofit
105. Auction
106. Volunteer day
107. Service evening at homeless shelter
108. Youth sports fundraiser
109. Join Shriners International
110. Join a religious institution or group


111. Q&A with celebrity
112. Genealogy clinic
113. Host living history event
114. Museum tour
115. Support groups (widows, singles, etc.)
116. Antiques/collectibles group
117. Personal growth coaching events
118. Cigar Club
119. Rotary Club
120. Join Elks Lodge
121. Toastmasters

Remember, passion prospecting isn’t always just throwing together one event. It can be an ongoing community that you build with your clients and their network. Be sure to ask your clients what type of events they’d enjoy – and if they’d be willing to invite their friends or family.

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Once you have an idea for your firm, our team can go to work for you. Set up a consultation today to learn how we can help.

Special thanks to Carson Group’s Sara Hinds, Seattle Downey and Katy Glover for contributing to this list.

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