Tamsen Butler: Crafting Compelling Stories

Tamsen Butler

Creating content can seem daunting, even for industry experts like yourself.

But whether you’re preparing for a speaking event, writing a blog post, or recording your first podcast episode, what you have to share matters more than how you deliver it.

In this episode, Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, speaks with Tamsen Butler, Senior Marketing Copywriter at Carson Group, about Tamsen’s journey as a writer and TEDx speaker. Together, they explore the TEDx talk preparation, the role of original content, and the benefits of engaging with audiences through writing and video. Tamsen emphasizes the importance of subtitles for accessibility and SEO and advises creatives to embrace rejection and address client queries in their content. The conversation also covers influential industry figures, with a recommendation to follow Larry Sprung, and the value of Stephen King’s “On Writing” for writers.

Tamsen discusses:

  • Her writing career and the importance of creating original content
  • Advice for nervous writers
  • Her job at Carson and the resources they have for new members of their ecosystem
  • Why writers need to make sure they give credit where credit is due
  • Her experience as a TEDx speaker and how to prepare for a TEDx talk
  • Important lessons from her speaker coach
  • The impact of writing blog posts, articles, and speaking events on building credibility and trust
  • Effectiveness of video content in engaging audiences and the impact of closed captions
  • Importance of subtitles for ADA compliance and search engine optimization
  • Her writing process and the importance of considering the reader’s perspective
  • And more


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About our Guest: 

Tamsen Butler, Senior Marketing Copywriter at Carson, is an award-winning author, marketing copywriter, TEDx speaker, fitness professional, military veteran, Oxford comma enthusiast, and personal finance writer.

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