Managing change is a balancing act between creating new neural pathways and improving emotional intelligence to be aware of how you respond to change.

In this episode, Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, and Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, talk about change management with the president of CohereUs Consulting, Jim LoPresti, Ph.D., PCC. Dr. Jim LoPresti shares his journey to becoming a coach with a background in change management and emotional intelligence, explains how neuroplasticity can help advisors and firms with change management, and discusses the benefits journaling has on EQ.

Dr. James LoPresti discusses:

  • His inspiring journey to becoming a renowned coach
  • The invaluable lessons of discipline acquired through his experience as a prolific textbook writer
  • The transformative potential of neuroplasticity in aiding advisors and firms with change management and achieving successful DEIB programs
  • The crucial role of emotional intelligence in navigating change and managing its complexities
  • His top recommended tool for enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Effective self-management techniques to gracefully navigate the ebbs and flows of emotions
  • And much more!


Connect with Jamie Hopkins and Ana Trujillo Limón:

Connect with Jim LoPresti:

About our Guest:

Jim LoPresti, Ph.D., PCC founded CohereUs Consulting in 2005. Dr. Jim LoPresti is a seasoned professional who seamlessly navigates the corporate and academic domains, combining theory and practice in his work. With extensive experience in coaching and consulting, he has successfully guided middle to upper-level managers in enhancing emotional intelligence and building high-performance teams across international locations such as France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, and Singapore. Jim’s expertise extends to diverse industries, including multinational corporations, academia, information technology, and government. He remains at the forefront of his field by continuously refining his approaches, particularly in the emerging area of neuroplasticity, leveraging new insights to facilitate transformative change. He is a sought-after speaker, delivering seminars on emotional/social intelligence, neuroscience of leadership, conflict negotiation, cultural transformation, strategic planning, team building, virtual team building, workplace diversity, senior management alignment, and organizational polarities. As an ICF certified professional coach, Jim’s comprehensive skill set and certifications underscore his exceptional abilities and adaptability in the coaching and consulting realm.


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