How Carson Coaching Helped One Financial Advisor Build the Blueprint for Success 

How Carson Coaching Helped One Financial Advisor Build the Blueprint for Success 

Joel Worsfold sought out coaching for financial advisors because he was looking for help breaking through his growth ceiling. But an early interaction with his Executive Business Coach after joining Carson Coaching led Joel – now Managing Director, Partner and Wealth Advisor at Carson Wealth in West Des Moines, Iowa – to rethink his entire business philosophy.

Joel’s Executive Business Coach, Greg Opitz, started at Carson Coaching right around the time Joel joined, and he immediately saw the passion Joel had for his work.

“He’s fiercely loyal, he’s fiercely dedicated and he’s just driven to get things done,” Greg says of Joel. “He can be a bit stubborn, but that stubbornness also feeds into that fierceness regarding the passion he has.”

And one of the first ways Greg focused that passion was by having Joel do Carson’s Blueprinting exercise. 

“And it’s actually changed my entire life,” Joel says of Blueprinting. “I mean, once I got that blueprint done, I changed everything.

One of the core pillars of the Carson Coaching program, Blueprinting is designed to help advisors determine their north star and to identify the goals needed to reach it. It gets to the core of an advisor’s meaningful purpose, vision, goals and what they want to accomplish.

As part of the exercise, Joel made a list of the 10 things that were most important to him, as well as a list of the 10 things he spent the most time on. And he was shocked to find that what he listed as the most important thing to him was also the one he was spending the least time on. 

“I was making up what I think everyone else wanted me to do,” Joel says. “It really wasn’t what I wanted to do, and it took some soul searching to figure that out. Greg actually helped me work through that.”

As Greg sees, Joel’s success with Blueprinting came from his willingness to put in the effort. 

“Blueprinting is the absolute hardest thing you would do in this Coaching program,” Greg says. “Why? Well, because you have to think. I mean, working is actually easy. Thinking is hard, right?”

“Joel was somebody who actually put in the effort to think about it. Joel had a vision. Joel was intentional about a vision. He was intentional about his goals. He would go to the end and work backwards.” 

That blueprint, created nearly 20 years ago, still serves Joel today.

“When you get stuck on something, all you gotta do is go back to your blueprint,” he says. “The blueprint is everything. You get that down, everything else will work out.” 

You can learn more about the Blueprinting process and Joel’s journey with Carson by downloading our case study, “Reaping the Rewards: The Journey Through Coaching, Partnership and Succession.” It covers every step of Joel’s Carson journey, the lessons he learned and the challenges he faced along the way – all with a true partner in his corner.

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