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Why we’re on the eve of massive disruption in financial services

With the industry in flux from a variety of factors, financial advisers stand in the middle of a busy intersection. Ron Carson, founder and CEO of Carson Wealth Management, shows you how dangerous things could get. Continue reading


4 Buses Coming at Every Advisor Right Now

Which one will hit you first? Which one will hit you hardest? Can your practice sustain a hit? Hear Ron Carson on the four buses coming at every advisor right now. Continue reading


Margin Compressions Impact on Advisors

How does margin compression impact advisors and their business?

Hear Douglas Fluke of DSF Wealth Management discuss with Matt Ackermann of Investment News how technology has impacted financial advisors and how his firm altered their value proposition to align with industry changes.  Continue reading


Exceeding Robo Advisors

Today clients have the opportunity to use robo-advisors. Hear Debbie Taylor of Taylor Financial Group talk with Matt Ackermann of Investment News about why financial advisors aren’t really competing and provide a completely different client experience.  Continue reading


Advisors Must Also Be Leaders

Advisors today have to serve their clients in a leadership role. Hear Scott Ford of Cornerstone Wealth talk with Matt Ackermann of Investment News on how advisors can serve as leaders. Continue reading


Carson Group Announces Investment in Savant Capital Management

Omaha, NE – October 10, 2016 – Carson Group, which consists of advisory firm Carson Wealth, advisor coaching program Peak Advisor Alliance, and turnkey integrated partnership Carson Institutional Alliance, today announced it is part of a group of private capital investors in Savant Capital Management, a nationally-recognized fee-only wealth management firm headquartered in Rockford, IL (see Savant press release here). Continue reading


2016 4th Quarter Outlook Video

Your Carson Institutional Alliance Investment Committee discusses market updates from the past quarter and provides an outlook on the upcoming quarter. Contact us to speak with a Wealth Advisor. Continue reading


Delivering a Personalized Client Investment Experience

October 26, 2016

As a provider of services, rather than tangible products, the client investment experience matters. It matters a lot. The experience your prospects and clients have with your advisory service can impact whether they decide to become (or remain) a client, whether they are likely to refer you and how they interact with your firm in the future. Join us for our upcoming webinar Ordinary to Extraordinary: Delivering a Personalized Client Investment Experience

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10 Impacts for Advisors and Investors from the New DOL Fiduciary Rule [Infographic]

With the clock ticking until the new DOL fiduciary rule changes take effect later this year, many advisors are wondering how their firm–and their clients–will be impacted.

Although it is still unclear exactly what the final DOL fiduciary rule will look like, industry experts have predicted that it will have wide-ranging implications for the business models and compliance infrastructures of broker dealers, registered investment advisors and ultimately to investors. Impacts to advisors include increased regulatory costs and business expenses and potentially lower revenue. Impacts to investors include fewer options for smaller account sizes, increased rollover cash-outs and a potential decrease–from already low savings rates–in retirement savings for Americans. Check out the 10 impacts outlined below and consider if your firm is prepared to address them.

How are you preparing your practice for the new Fiduciary Rule? Tweet using #FiduciaryRule to share your ideas or questions on how this may impact your firm or your clients.

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