Dr. Sahar Yousef and Lucas Miller: How To Be Superhuman

Dr. Sahar Yousef & Lucas Miller (1)

How can we become superhuman and optimize our productivity?

In this episode, Jamie Hopkins, Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, and Ana Trujillo Limón, Director, Coaching and Advisor Content, speak with Dr. Sahar Yousef, Cognitive Neuroscientist and Faculty at UC Berkeley, and Lucas Miller, MBA Faculty, Author, and Productivity Researcher at UC Berkeley about their journey to becoming superhuman. Dr. Yosef shares her transition from philosophy to cognitive neuroscience and her fascination with neuroplasticity. She also discusses harmful study techniques, habits detrimental to cognitive performance, and the importance of focused work. Lucas Miller explains how to avoid burnout by recognizing the symptoms. Their conversation also touches on the role of music in influencing focus and behavior, and the value of simplicity and intentionality in increasing productivity.

Dr. Sahar Yousef and Lucas Miller discuss: 

  • Their first money memories in accounting and sorting
  • Their journeys to becoming superhuman
  • Dr. Sahar Yousef’s research into non-invasive ways to improve the brain’s performance
  • Why a morning cup of coffee could be healthier for the brain than a glass of juice
  • How digital hygiene can help optimize the way we work
  • How to recognize and avoid burnout
  • What a focused sprint is and how it can help improve your focus
  • Why everyone should have a hype song
  • And more


Connect with Ana Trujillo Limón: 

Connect with Dr. Sahar Yousef:

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About our Guests: 

UC Berkeley MBA faculty Dr. Sahar Yousef and Professor Lucas Miller founded Becoming Superhuman, a neuroscientist duo dedicated to helping busy professionals get their most important work done, in less time, with less stress. They’ve delivered high-impact education on all things productivity and performance since 2017. Using rigorously-tested scientific tools, they empower smart, driven people to work in a way that’s aligned with their unique biology, instead of against it.

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