Financial Planning for a Life on Purpose: Jamie Hopkins & Ron Carson Release New Book

Ron Carson, founder & CEO of Carson Group, and Jamie Hopkins, managing partner of wealth solutions, will release their latest book, “Find your Freedom: Financial Planning for a Life on Purpose” on November 22.  At a time of economic uncertainty, “Find your Freedom,” helps readers take control of their emotions and take ownership of their financial life. Using the book as a guide, readers develop a mental framework to align their financial goals with their personal definition of freedom.

“Freedom means something different to each of us; it’s highly personal and, in today’s world, increasingly elusive,” said Carson. “Every day we wake up competing against our own potential, and most days we come up short. What I love most about this book is the practical guidance you receive and the shift in mindset you can adopt when integrating a goal-based financial plan. This alignment in your personal and financial life is the secret to growing towards the life you want – and living into your full potential.”

No matter what’s happening in the market, having a clear financial plan that accounts for scenarios like market volatility and inflation can help investors feel more confident and secure when the markets are unpredictable.

“Financial planning is about moving along your path in life, finding the things that you want to do, finding the freedom that you want to have. Having a financial plan can provide comfort in being able to define those things, prioritize, and execute to build the life you want,” said Hopkins.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon:

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