Heidi Johnson Bixby: Finding Success Through Financial Planning and Teamwork 

Heidi Johnson Bixby: Finding Success Through Financial Planning and Teamwork

Heidi Johnson Bixby, a passionate entrepreneur and businessperson, has found freedom and fulfillment by running a successful financial planning firm, despite the challenging demands of the industry.

“If you want it, work for it and save your pennies – I learned at a very early age that if I wanted something, I could work and earn it,” she says.

Heidi had a passion for financial planning, but it was the entrepreneurial spirit she learned in her childhood that drove her to success. Through hard work, she built a successful financial planning firm and sought out mentors to help her continue to grow.

With her own philosophy of giving and the ripple effect, Heidi was able to create a successful, team-oriented practice that puts clients first. She knows that freedom comes through hard work and is thankful to have the opportunity to do what she loves every day.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Heidi’s experience as an entrepreneur informs her approach to financial planning.
  • The demands for team members to become financial planners in Heidi’s firm.
  • How Malcolm Gladwell’s writing inspires Heidi in her professional career.

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