Three Game-Changing Messages from Our 32nd Excell Conference

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but Carson Group is breaking Sin City’s golden rule to bring you the highlights from Excell Spring 2017. Read up on three of our favorite presentations and reflect on how you can use these messages to grow your business.

Walter Bond on the Formula for Success

Five hundred shots – but not just any shots. Five hundred all-net, no-backboard perfect shots. This ritual, repeated daily for years, was what landed Walter Bond in the NBA. More importantly, it taught him a valuable lesson that applies on the court and in the world of business. In order to take your game to the next level, you must develop the habits of a peak performer.

During his keynote speech, Bond explained that success of any kind boils down to simply implementing proven methodology. Whether trying to become the next pro-athlete or a trusted financial advisor, it is essential to listen to experts, follow their directions, and, last but certainly not least, execute. Time and again, Bond has seen this formula play out in his own life, making it possible for him to secure a spot on the Dallas Mavericks and later build a career as a public speaker.

Reflect: Do you have the methodology you need to achieve your personal and professional goals? Are you executing these habits and rituals each and every day? If you answered no to either of these questions, it’s time to hit the reset button.

Kay Hunter on Professional Presence

First impressions are almost instantaneous. In a matter of seven quick seconds, another person has all the information they need to form an opinion about you as a peer and as a leader in your field. Your clothes, your posture, and even the number of teeth showing in your smile can impact how you are perceived by the outside world.

Image consultant Kay Hunter has an optimistic view of these moments, however. In her high impact presentation, she educated Excell attendees on how appearance and behavior can be modified to create the professional presence you desire. First, you need to decide what you want to convey with your personal brand, and then, you must reveal that in how you look and act. When done properly, the message you send to strangers will remain consistent, helping you gain clients who respond well to your chosen brand.

Reflect: Upon meeting someone new, what one trait do you want them to assign to you (i.e. casual, friendly, elegant, polished, etc.)? Does your closet communicate this one trait? Lacking a correlation between the two could mean you need to freshen up your wardrobe with new colors and styles.

Want more great advice from Kay? Check out her Top 5 LinkedIn Etiquette Tips. 

Ron Carson and Paul West on Closing Techniques

Across from you sits a prospect referred from one of your best clients. Like your A+ client, this prospect appears to be a good cultural fit for your firm. They’ve listened to your value proposition, engaged in a conversation about their goals, and now, they are faced with a big decision. But, as Ron Carson and Paul West suggested in their on-stage discussion, you have the power to help them take action without becoming aggressive, pushy, or off-putting.

In the spirit of transparency, the two shared Carson Wealth’s strategies for ethical persuasion: tie down, scarcity, and takeaway. Adapted to the prospect, these three approaches provide clarity, streamline complexities, and, ultimately, cement a partnership. Here’s a brief synopsis of each:

  • Tie down: Ask a prospect “What additional information do you need to move forward today?” Give them the chance to speak and after their list is complete, address each point to their satisfaction.
  • Scarcity: Remind prospects that due to the nature of your business, you only take on a limited number of new clients each year. Your selectiveness should inspire confidence in your work on their behalf.
  • Take Away: Often, when an option is removed from the table people want it even more. If your prospect is having trouble making a commitment, simply suggesting they may not be ready to benefit from your services may prompt them to act.

Reflect: How often are you able to turn a prospect into a lifelong client? Could you improve your conversions using Ron and Paul’s recommendations? Try one at your next introductory meeting to test the results.

Work on perfecting your prospect conversations by downloading our Stairstep Questions for Advisors 

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