Has Tech Lost its Mojo? A Market Overview

In the ever-evolving world of investing, markets can shift in the blink of an eye. While a mere few weeks do not necessarily establish a solid trend, it’s hard not to notice that the Technology Sector, which had been a front-runner for a significant part of the year, seems to have taken a backseat. Since reaching its peak in July, it has been trailing behind the broader market index. What’s more, in the past three weeks, Tech has emerged as the biggest underperformer, second only to Real Estate. This shift marks a stark contrast to the sector’s earlier dominance, where it soared an impressive 46% in the first half of the year, largely driven by investors appreciating the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

While we remain incredibly bullish on AI and its transformative capabilities, it’s crucial to remember that for investors, enthusiasm can sometimes outrun rationality. The recent slowdown in the Technology Sector appears to be a healthy adjustment, a sign of market efficiency that helps safeguard against speculative bubbles.

 Long-Term Tech Outlook

Looking beyond the horizon of the next few months, the long-term outlook for the Technology Sector is still filled with promise. This sector boasts such high profitability that it significantly boosts the overall margin of the S&P 500. With a whopping 28% operating margin, it outshines the rest of the index by more than ten percentage points. As the technology sector’s share of the index continues to expand, it pushes the overall margin higher. The advent of Artificial Intelligence appears to be the next major wave of efficiency that will create trillion-dollar companies and further enhance profitability. While the future indeed looks bright, our stance remains neutral for now, given the sector’s recent strong run.

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It’s worth noting that the Technology Sector has undergone notable changes in its composition. It no longer encompasses much of the “magnificent seven.” Amazon migrated to the Consumer Discretionary category. Alphabet and Meta now reign over the Communication Services sector, which we are overweight. Despite these shifts, the Technology Sector remains top-heavy, with heavyweights like Microsoft, Apple, and Nvidia accounting for a substantial 50% of its total weight.

 The Energy Sector’s Impressive Surge

In stark contrast to the Technology Sector’s recent stumble, the Energy Sector has been on a remarkable upward trajectory over the past three months, with its outperformance showing no signs of abating. Our stance remains overweight on the sector, primarily due to our bullish outlook on oil prices. Beyond simply benefiting from higher oil prices, exposure to this sector serves as a hedge against what we believe is one of the market’s most significant risks – a resurgence of inflation driven by rising energy costs.

So, while our current stance on the Tech Sector leans towards neutrality following its outstanding performance, the underlying potential of AI and the sector’s long-term profitability continue to make it an enticing arena to observe. Meanwhile, we believe the Energy Sector’s persistent outperformance presents opportunities for those who share our optimism regarding higher oil prices and are looking to shield themselves against inflation. As always, in the dynamic world of investing, staying informed about both short-term and long-term trends is crucial, and Carson’s House Views aims to help advisors do just that.



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