Let the Good Times Roll

From the stock market hitting all-time highs to new tax bills, positive economic indicators, and even the Super Bowl, there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to finance and investing this week!

In this episode, Ryan Detrick, Chief Market Strategist at Carson Group & Sonu Varghese, VP, Global Macro Strategist at Carson Group, provide an in-depth analysis of current economic indicators, including jobs, productivity, and consumer confidence. They also touch on the potential for a stock market breather in February amidst election buzz. Additionally, they examine a new tax bill that could inject more money into the economy and give the stock market a boost.

Ryan and Sonu discuss:

  • The stock market hitting all-time highs, historical February performance, and potential market consolidation
  • A bipartisan tax bill moving through Congress and its potential impact on business and individual finances
  • An analysis of the Super Bowl indicator and its historical correlation with stock market performance
  • The Fed’s approach to potential rate cuts and market expectations
  • A comparison of income-driven and credit-driven economic cycles and their impacts on the economy
  • An analysis of the strong job market report and consumer confidence data
  • The importance of productivity in driving positive economic outcomes
  • And more!


Connect with Ryan Detrick: 

Connect with Sonu Varghese: 


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Questions to Consider During a Market Downturn

Questions to Consider During a Market Downturn

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